So, I have a customer Mark DeWald who came by to pick up some decals... he says.. Hey why have you not asked me about DRI WASH? I say well I'm skeptical... He just laughs.... and says so I have to WOW you.. I say.. yep.. you got to WOW me... so he gets out his handy Dri Wash bottle and does a part of my wifes car..... during his demo we are talking about this and that.... and he wipes the car after he cleans it... and I am in disbelief and burp out WOW! Of coarse he heard that... laughing and says//" I just WOW'd you...... ... now leaving it to me to finish.. I will say this stuff is pretty good... I do not wash my cars on a regular basis because when I do .. it rains... I used not one drop of water... and I would say I did the car in about 30 minutes.... WOW ! Mark what a great are some pics of the car... Looks great..

 I might add... this car has prob been washed 10 times in 3 years.. Yes...... no exaggeration I just don't wash them as often as I should.... and it was dirty before I dri washed it...........

Chuck Coupland, LaPorte, TX.

Since my first car, I have been a polishing "hound". You could always find at least six different types of polish in my kit, a few detailing cans and a few car wash soaps. A few years ago a friend turned me onto DriWash and I thought I would give it a try. I was amazed at what it did to my personal car. I own an ambulance company and contract to film and television, so when the vehicles roll onto a film set they have to look brand new, so once again I put it to the test -- it actually improved the amount of calls I got for films! Then came the ultimate test: we have an 18-foot hydro top alcohol drag boat and had it repainted last year at a cost of $3200.00. It not only does it go 180 MPH in 7 seconds, it has to look good doing it. After the repaint we found that the clear coat would not harden and that the paint shop would not redo it -- we couldn't afford another $3000.00 so we decided to try my DriWash. We applied it in the blistering sun while at a race in Washington State and again we were amazed! Now not only do we not have to repaint the boat, we have one of the best looking boats around, and it actually has enough of a gloss that you can actually shave in your reflection!
Fred Shelly,Surrey, BC Canada.
I first used DriWash 10 years ago on my 67 Camaro restoration project. I am an experienced automotive painter and consider myself a fanatic when it comes to detail on my show cars. I was not only amazed at the shine and smooth finish, but the real proof was when I attempted to put the car cover on -- it kept sliding off! I have never had a finish so smooth that the car cover would not stay on unless secured, no matter what product I've used! I've since used it on every project I've completed, including my fiberglass boat hull that was so oxidized it had a white haze. It made it look like new! I have been a loyal customer ever since. It truly is everything you say it is and more, not something you can say about most products today.
Walt Latacki, Tonawanda, NY.
I've been using Dri-Wash on my cars for a few years, and have been thrilled with the results. About a year ago I ran out of guitar polish and decided to experiment with DriWash, I had a little trepidation because I own three of the finest guitars in the world, made by Kevin Ryan(, priced from $6000 to $16,000, so I was a little concerned about using an auto product on such a valuable instrument Well, I went ahead because of my previous experience with DriWash, I knew that what I was doing was polishing and protecting the finish on top of the wood, so I figured if it could protect my car's finish, why not the guitars? I was thrilled with the results, not only did it clean my guitars perfectly, but the finish became much more resistant to oils and fingerprinting. After I started using the polish I called Kevin Ryan and told him of the results. He was impressed with what I had to say and was looking forward to seeing the polished guitars. It's been about a year now since I started using DriWash, my guitars are more beautiful than ever! Whenever I visit Kevin and bring a guitar, he always is so gratified to see his guitars in such perfect condition. He remarks to others that my wife and I keep our instruments in the best condition possible. Now I have a lot of friends using it on their instruments all with the same great results!
John E. Hornbacher, February 18, 2002
I have been very particular about keeping my vehicles clean since I got my very first car. My neighbors used to kid me that I was going to wash and wax the finish off my cars because I used to wash them every day and wax them every week. I had tried just about every wax or polish on the market. Most all required a lot of elbow grease. Probably the most frustrating thing I experienced with traditional waxes and polishes was getting the white haze on the vinyl moldings and in the door creases, etc. In 1996 I purchased a new BMW 3 Series. A good friend turned me on to DriWash. I must admit I was a little skeptical about washing a car without soap and water. Was I WRONG! What a product! My BMW was alpine white. After a good going over with Dri Wash you could not look at the car in the sun without sunglasses. I was hooked! I sold the car three years later and made a $6000 profit. I attribute that to the Dri Wash. I have used it ever since. My wife and I just brought home a brand new Volvo S-60. I ordered a fresh supply of DriWash. I'll never go back to washing and waxing, nothing but DriWash for me!
Ken Pennell, Cranberry Township, PA
I am not a car show person, but my "baby" is a 1987 Mercedes diesel sedan with 230K plus miles. Two years ago a man stopped by outside my office and offered to detail my car with a waterless car wash. He told me the product was available through multilevel. I was nervous, but told him to go ahead. I COULD HARDLY BELIEVE MY EYES. When he finished the car the paint once again looked like new. I scheduled him to do the car again six months later and IT IMPROVED the paint again, and we live in South Florida where the sun is blistering. Then the man never called me back. His numbers are disconnected and so is his email. I can't find the product in any store, so I decided to go on-line. I am sure this is the product. I am signing up as a distributor because my car generates enough comments that I know I will be selling these products. THANKS!
Kim, Ft Myers, FL.
I just purchased my new 2001 Honda Civic. I loved it the first time I saw it. I was clean, new, and it looked very new. But after a couple of weeks, dirt got on it. I purchased many detailing kits but they all were costly and took a long time to apply. One day, I attended a car show. There I met a mobile auto detailer. He was using DriWash. He gave me a demonstration and I was amazed at the product. He gave me a couple of samples. Those samples have worked miracles. I still have a few more left. But I'll be calling him soon to purchase more. DriWash keeps my Honda looking its best and guards it from daily dirt and grime.
Lux Beltran, Savannah, GA.
I own a 1972 Camaro Z28. We show it, but also drive it. The autobody guy at our garage recommended DriWash (he was a distributor) and I have been using it for the last 2 years. I love it! Recently he moved and I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to find my DriWash. Luckily I found the web site. My Z28 is has won at many shows and we always get compliments on how great the paint looks. People tell me I must spend my entire time waxing --little do they know I just use DriWash! Thanks!
Marsha Allen, Panama City, FL.
I recently used the new formula DriWash on my 1984 Piper Archer aircraft. The difference in the product is incredible. I was always impressed with the old product and have used DriWash for a few years now. This new formula impressed me in two ways. First, it picked up more dirt from the paint. As I was using the new formula, I could see the extra dirt on my polishing cloth and also could compare the newly polished area with a recently polished area using the older product. The difference was incredible. Second, I find that two coats of the new product is important. After applying a second coat of the new formula DriWash the paint had that "wet" look for which we all strive. Just incredible that a 1984 aircraft that sits out in the sun every day could sparkle with a truly "wet" look finish. Thanks!
Mark DiBenedetto, Augusta, GA.
Okay, were to start on such an outstanding product. I had a detailing business about four years ago. I placed a half-hearted attempt to get it going, and had some mediocre results, or so I thought. I recently ordered more of the DriWash product line and mentioned it to some friends that I was going to try the business again. HOLY MOLY! I would never have expected that the word of mouth to travel so fast! I haven't even received my first shipment and I have back up detail jobs waiting for me. I'd encourage anyone that is considering self-employ-ment to at least look at the products. You cannot find a more skeptical person than me and I am not an easy sell., but this product line allows its action to speak volumes and will sell it self.
Phillip Sandy, Milton, FL.
I recently sold my Cessna Aircraft. The eventual buyer kept coming back to see the plane, over and over. Sometimes he'd bring a friend and they'd examine it microscopically (it seemed). Then one day the prospective buyer brought out another pilot friend and they asked to see the logbook. After spending an inordinate amount of time on every page of the aircraft logbook I overheard the friend say to the prospective buyer, "Boy, I can't find anything that's been damaged and recently repaired on the entire airframe. It just looks suspicious that a 23-year old Cessna could possibly look this good without having had a recent paint job." I eventually sold the plane for a price that all the local pilots told me "couldn't be done". From the beginning of my ownership of this plane I used DriWash 'n Guard about 2-3 times a year and dusted the plane in between times. The real clincher for me was an unexpected and surprising benefit: When it snowed enough to require having to remove snow from the wing and tail surfaces the snow simply slid off with little effort required from me. This plane was not a "hangar queen", but rather was parked outside just about every day I owned it. I give full credit to DriWash 'n Guard for keeping my aircraft in showroom condition during my ownership period. P.S. I always wanted to make an airspeed comparison between before and after applications of DriWash 'n Guard. The aircraft is definitely "slipperier" after application of this miraculous product. It would surprise me if a before/after airspeed check did not reveal a 3-5 MPH difference, just in drag reduction! You can be sure my next plane will receive the same DriWash 'n Guard treatment. George Carpenter, Willow, AK.
Driwash products have made a big impression in my life. It stopped me from searching for a second job by starting a seasonal part-time mobile detailing business. The home product has also done well for me. It has brought much needed overtime at the factory where I work. I clean everything: windows, vents, desktops, speakers, and computer screens. I get compliments on everything that has been applied with home product. DWG products work and are the best products on the market.
Ryan Pintor, Fredonia, WI.
After I had my 94 Taurus SHO painted, I found buffing swirls and mismatched panels. It remained that way until I applied several applications of DriWash -- it was unbelievable both inside and out. The bonus came in the first rainstorm when I did not have to use the wipers. Plus, I got carried away with the dash and gauges. Never has anything been that easy and rewarding. People marvel at my SHO because it looks better than I do!
Hugh E. Herron II, Mercer, PA
I have a 1988 and DriWash makes it look like a NEW car. I have not found anything that brings out the color like DriWash does. I also found DriWash excellent for doing the windows in my home. The windows stay cleaner a lot longer. And it makes it easier to clean them the next time.
John Lakatos, Stratford, CT.
Recently my mechanic and I completed my 1976 FLH Harley-Davidson Custom Street Shovelhead. While this project took way too much money and time, keeping it clean was the easy part using DRI-WASH products. The bike is painted sunshine yellow over gold and the products really bring out the color and shine with little to no work.
David Suchocki, Springfield, VA.
I have a 97 Harley Davidson Fat Boy. When the moving company unloaded my Harley after moving overseas, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was absolutely filthy and had scuff marks all over it. A friend noticed my panic, and loaned me some Dri Wash 'n Guard. The difference was unbelievable. It looked like a brand new bike! You never would have known it just made a 3000-mile journey to Germany and had spent over a month in a shipping crate. Now I use it all the time, and it really turns some heads. The military always tell us to keep up appearance, since we're ambassadors of our country, and let me tell you, DriWash n' Guard does just that!
Tracy Currier, APO, AE.
I own an 86 Cadillac and a 91 Chrysler convertible. I want my cars to look like they just got waxed and washed. I only use your DriWash and Premium Metal Polish. Most of the people I meet want to know where I get my cars detailed, so I tell the secret of your great product. Now the whole block is using it. Thanks Guys keep up the good work.
Fay Zeigler, North Wales, PA
DriWash for the auto and the home are both tremendous products, I enjoy the fact that even after I finish a detail job, my hands have no oily feeling on them. And the vehicle is beautiful. When I detail a light color car, I keep thinking I can't see what's happening, but by the time I finish the vehicle shines so you can't see, like looking into the sun. Nothing works better and it is beyond words how it looks on darker and brighter colors.
Leesa Maupin, Great Bend, KS
I drive for a local trucking company here in Grand Rapids. After being introduced to DriWash and the Premium Metal Polish, I researched the products on the Internet, I decided to try the product. It was everything I was told it would be. My boss, the owner of the company, has a 1999 Kenworth show truck, called "Showtime". Every time he sees my 1997 Peterbilt he always comments on how it shines. And it is the factory paint job, not his thousands of dollars paint job on his show truck. Not only do I use the product, I now sell the product as an Independent Distributor.
Bob Edwards, Grand Rapids, MI.
I love this stuff! I was introduced to DriWash by a friend and thought he was joking when I heard what it would do. I was using Meguires Gold Wax and didn't think there was anything better, I was wrong. I tried the DriWash on my '92 Trans Am and never looked back. It's also found it great for removing diesel smoke from my white boat -- no other product I have found can do this in one step without water. My friend had some stains on his Sea-Doo jet boat that he could not remove - DWG OxyGone did! He was very impressed and couldn't believe it. I sold a bottle to a friend who owns a computer shop - now he uses DriWash to clean all of his computer screens and loves it.
Peter Frazier, Marquette, MI.
Great Products! I am a mobile detailer, and decided to try your product on several vehicles. I have a customer who owns an eight-year old faded blue SUV that had not been cleaned for about four years. He asked if there was anything I could do to make it look better? I broke out the DRI WASH 'n GUARD and DWG OxyGone and went to work. When I was finished it he asked if I just repainted it? No, I used this new product, I bought from Bill Foster, one of your distributors. Now when I detail I use DriWash. Soon I will become a distributor when I slow down from working miracles. Thanks Bill for turning me onto these products. Bob Ruger, Virginia Beach, VA
I have used Oxygone on several occasions to bring back the original luster of a paint job. Every time I have been impressed with the results. It is the best product on the market, a real gem in the industry. So confident that it works I've put my own keys in the hands of friends and told them if it doesn't shine you can drive mine. I'm still driving.
Brad Dioguardi, Wahiawa, Hi
Until the West Yellowstone, MT "Show n' Shine" I'd never heard of DriWash 'n Guard. My '90 Corvette was parked next to what I thought was a new, just off the showroom floor, Collectors Edition '96. After talking to the gentleman who owned it, I found it was his daily driver and he had purchased it in early summer. He lived on a ranch and daily drove one mile to and from his house on a gravel road. I commented it must have taken him hours to clean the car for the show. He handed me his bottle of Driwash and told me to try it. I did. Have been using it ever since. I drive my Vette daily and am always asked. "How do you keep it looking so new?"
Frank Smith, Idaho Falls, ID.
I have to tell you my story about using DriWash 'n Guard. I bought a new 1995 GT Ford Mustang. I had it special ordered because I couldn't find anything on the car lots that I liked. I had saved for years to get this car. Three month's later I got my new Mustang. I'm so proud of this car and baby it badly. I heard about DriWash'n Guard from a friend of mine who also has a new car. So I invested in your product and couldn't believe the difference when I got through cleaning my car -- it looked like it just came off the show room floor. Not long after I bought it, my oldest son forgot to put my Mustang in the garage one night. I got up the next morning to go to work and someone had vandalized my car. I sat and cried I was so heart broken to think something I had worked so hard for and had taken so much pride in could be taken away because someone was jealous or just mean. The vandal had caused $2700 worth the damage. After my deductible I had to come up with money for new tires, wheel covers, and a new paint job on my front and back bumpers. The vandal had carved initials in the front and back bumpers. Everyone told me I would have to buy new bumpers but I didn't have enough money. My husband had a friend redo the bumpers but there was still a flaw in them that was noticeable to me. I got out my DriWash and went over the bumpers and then the whole car. My car looks brand new again. I just want to say thank you for such a great product. By the way my Mustang is black and it shows everything but all it shows now is gorgeous. Thanks, again,
Mary Lou Derryberry, Bakersfield, CA.
I have a red 1964 Chevy Impala. I have used many products, but none of them are as good as DriWash 'n' Guard. I saw it at a car show and I decided to give it a try. I put it on before the next car show and when people started coming they just drooled over the shine of my car. Lots of people asked how I got my car to shine with perfection. I told them and they asked where I got it. They said the next car show they see them selling it they would be sure to get it. I love the compliments on my car and will continue using the product. Thanks for making a product so good otherwise I might not have had so many compliments on the paint and shine!
Larry D. DePyper, Lynd, MN.
In 1996 I moved to California from England. A friend invited me to a car show from which he was entering a 1970 Chevelle. Upon arriving at his home he unveiled his Chevelle. The color was blood red and I had never such a beautiful paintwork like this before. He told me he invested $7000 into the paintwork. The only product he would let touch the paint was Dri-Wash n' Guard. That day he gave me half a bottle, which I used on my own car. He asked me what I thought after using it. My response was it was certainly the best product I have ever used, but in teasing him I told him I was going to send a couple of bottles to my friends in England where weather conditions are terrible in the winter, with rain wind and snow conditions. I told him the real test is to see how it fares up in those conditions. To make a long story short, my American friend now teases me because I send a case to England every year for Christmas gifts. My English friends think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Everybody loves it because at that time of year the weather begins to turn for the worst and you really do need to prepare the car for a hard winter. P.S. The Chevelle won three 1st place trophies that day, one of which was for paint and it has won several more since.
Terry Oldroyd, Laguna Hills, CA.
There they were, parked side-by-side, on a white-tiled floor of a two car garage. Every detail was impeccable. One, an '89 BMW convertible, and the other an '82 Porsche 911. I wondered, "Have either of these cars ever been driven?" As I looked at the odometers, I was totally shocked. 91K miles on the BMW, and 282K miles on the Porsche! I had to ask the owner how he kept his cars looking like this?" "Simple," he answered, "I rarely wash them with water." I asked if he had his cars detailed professionally. He told me he detailed them himself, taking only 20-30 minutes per car. Now I was really confused. He showed me his secret to showroom finishes-Driwash 'n Guard. He began spraying a light mist of the solution onto the left rear fender of the BMW. Next, he wiped the sprayed area with a soft clean cloth. Finally, he used another soft clean towel to buff the fender to reveal that showroom shine. I was amazed that the car did not have to be clean before using it, it is truly was a one-step wash and polish solution. I have since purchased a year's supply and I use it on my cars regularly. Try this stuff...You'll be amazed!
Ali Mahrouyan, Cupertino, CA.
Dri-Wash'n Guard is "superduper fabo" in my book! When my dad died, my Mother told me it would be the car wash from now on for her. So she gave me the a bucket full of dad's cleaning supplies. DriWash 'n Guard was one of the items and I knew it had to be good because dad used only the best of everything. I took it home and used it on my black sport utility vehicle. It shined like a ribbon! It even cleaned my husband's tobacco smoke off all the inside windows. Yes, they were squeaky clean to my surprise. I then tried it on the dash, gauges and door panels. What a difference it made! They were as glossy and shiny as the day it came off the assembly line. I then thought, if this works that well, I'll use it on things in the house. My kitchen & bath faucets shined to the point I could see myself. My dad always knew what was best and he sure knew that Dri-Wash'n Guard was the Greatest!
Donna Baldwin, Goodlettsville, TN.
I have been a Meguires detailer for years, until a friend and I were detailing together one day and he offered to let me try his DriWash. I was so impressed with it. It is totally unbelievable, the difference that it made. You have my business for life. I drive an older model Mercedes and an 18-wheeler, and I now use DriWash on both!
Gregory Haugabrook, Macon, GA.
Being the owner and lover of newer vehicles I hesitantly purchased a bottle of the Driwash, thinking I would never use it on my own vehicle. Boy did I found out that I was wrong. Recently, my GMC Z71 pick up needed washing, but I didn't have access to water. I broke down and used the Driwash. Very slowly and easily I used the product on a vehicle that had both dirt and mud on it, skeptical the whole time. After using the product on my "baby" I checked the finish in the sun and was very surprised and happy to find no scratches and a very clean truck. This is a product that delivers on it claims!
David Huffer, Marietta, OH
I received a free sample after reading about waxes on the VetteNet. I didn't try the product immediately, since the '77 Vette was going in for a paint job. I waited the recommended time after painting to do anything to the surface, then tried the free sample. We have had people walk up to the car at gas stations asking what year my Vette is, cause it looks "brand new". Goes on easy, wipes off quickly and looks great! My only regret is that I didn't use it sooner!
Doug Bryant, Moorpark, CA.
I have a Black/Gray 1990 ZR1 that has placed 1st in a number of "Show-n-Shines" held by local Corvette Clubs in the New England area. The back paint was badly damaged by acid rain while at the dealers, and would not polish to a show quality finish. After hearing about Driwash 'n Guard through the ZR1 Registry newsletter. I purchased a bottle and gave it a try. The results were amazing, as the "acid rain etching" almost disappeared. I highly recommend DriWash for black paint.
Gordon Bates, Hanover, MA
My car is a McLela, a kit car I assembled myself. The painter who painted the Aerotech, GM's show car & world endurance speed record holder, painted it. Everyone seeing the car the first time thinks it is a new $200,000 Ferrari. I use DriWash on this car! The painter demonstrated DriWash by applying it to a small area on the car. He then stuck a strip of masking tape to this spot and another strip to a spot that was recently waxed. The masking tape on the waxed area was removed with some resistance but the masking tape would not stick to the spot that was cleaned with DriWash n' Guard. The surface was so smooth the tape could not adhere.
Peter Outarsingh, Dallas, TX
I first tried Driwash 'n Guard on a Harley that I had tried everything on to remove scratches. I had talked to the Harley dealer about the scratches and was told it would have to be repainted. I first used the OxyGone and then the DriWash 'n Guard. The scratches can no longer be seen, even in bright sun light. I now use DriWash 'n GUARD on my '93 corvette and have gotten many compliments. The stuff is great!!
Don Ray, Jeffersonville, IN