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Since we have just restarted our business we are looking for new distibutors around the Unites States, our goal is to help everyone under us achieve their business goal with this company, if you don't make money, we don't. Our next goal is to have distributors in each of the lower 48 states selling this great product. This is not a get rich quick deal, you have to work to achieve anything in life and this is no different, but if you are dedicated to what you believe in, you will suceed at this business. If we can help you in this business in any way, just let us know!




The other night I participated in a bowling tournament. Before leaving the house I pinned the "New" High Profile Waterless Carwash button onto my bowling bag. Before the tournament got started one of the bowlers asked me "Okay, so how does it work?" His question caught me by surprise because I actually forgot about the button. Well, it's now 7 pm, the sun has already set, and I know a 30 second demo out in the dark won't be too impressive. So quickly I looked for someone with jewelry on. I found a lady wearing an a hawaiian bracelet so I asked her if it would be okay for me to clean it for her. She agreed in front of her and the guy that asked me I began to clean her necklace and as usual the product began to do it's magic. In just seconds the bracelet looked brand new again. In fact, better than brand new. When I was done, I told the guy, just imagine what this product will do to your car. He bought a PB10, right on the spot. This other guy, we call him Big John, was watching from a distant and asked if he could take this to Virginia when he leaves in 2 weeks. So Big John signed up as a distributor and bought a 32 oz bottle of Dri-Wash. The lady that got her bracelet cleaned took home a 1 oz sample so she can show her husband. After I finished signing up Big John, Clint (another bowler) came over and asked if I can show the product to his wife. I cleaned her bracelet and he put in an order for a 64 oz Dri-Wash for next week. From a 30 second demonstration I put $144.00 in my pocket and the tournament hadn't even started yet. All this from what some people call a "silly blue button."

The next day, I was waiting for my family while we were at the Ala Moana Shopping Center. I'm standing there minding my own business, when a guy walks up to me, stares at the blue button on my shirt for a second and says, "I need to get back in the business, this is the same waterless carwash as Dri-Wash and Guard, right?"
Aloooooha...Glen "ZOOM ZOOM" Azumi
DWG International™

When Jack and Jeaneene Scogin looked at the DWG opportunity they saw more than a home based business. They saw an opportunity to work together as husband and wife, building their relationship and their families income at the same time. Even though they each were already working a job, they wanted the success that this opportunity had to offer. And, they were willing to do whatever it took to make that happen for them. When Jeaneene was asked how they balanced their schedules she made it sound so easy. "Jack and I have a great time working together half of every business day Monday thru Friday. We both have our own jobs to keep up with, but we have interesting hours that allow us to work our business. Jack doesn't have to report to work until 2 PM and I don't have to pick up daycare children until 1:30 PM. So from 8:30am - 1:00pm we are able to share the products and the business behind the bottle while working our Detailing business too!"

When I asked Jack why he thought they were having the success they talk about he was quick to answer. "There's no doubt in my mind that it's because we are HIGH PROFILE. Jeaneene and I agreed early in our business that we were and would remain teachable and coach-able. So when we were told that being high profile meant signage on our van we did it. Beings our Van is RED it really stands out. We've heard that everyone in our town knows the RED Waterless Van! With the help of Precision Printing we were able to fill the back glass letting people see that we had a business and that we are serious about it."
We have enjoyed this business as we are chased down all the time as well.
The best thing we ever did was to decal out our van.

We have also been networking with a friend of ours "Mobile Lube Express" who does mobile oil changes, said Jeaneene. We work hand in hand. That has been a real plus to getting our name out as well. Networking is so much more than just selling products to family and friends. It's about building relationships and helping others. We share his business with others we meet and he tells every body about ours. As a matter of fact, he just gave us a referral to detail a 30ft RV. After seeing the job, Jack and I really didn't want to do the job so we gave him a quote of $700. A little higher then we normally bid jobs like this. Wanting to make sure we don't walk away empty handed I made sure the customer knew that he could buy these incredible products so that who ever he had detail his coach could use the best. He ended up calling us to do the whole job! I love it.

When Jack and Jeaneene were asked how their signs work on a day to day basis their response was immediate because they have so much activity as a result of signing their van. "I was followed through town by a vehicle that when I first saw it it was sitting at "Folsom's Car Wash" and he caught up with me as I was entering the grocery store. He had to know who we were and what we do being Waterless and all . After explaining our process and being so proud of our products, he asked if we could detail his suburban right there and then for $300.00. Just another shopping day Happily interrupted. With our extra income, we have been able to Sponsor a Drag Racer "Philip Negal" who is running 9th in the Nationals right now. With that, we have bought all our downline detailers and Drag Racer, Waterless Logo shirts & Hats though "PrecisionPrinting". They are the best! I have flyers and our business cards banded to Sample bottles to give out to all the racers behind the lines. Now we can call on our downline to attend any of the races coming up and have them be a team in the fun and the training of what our company is all about. We make it fun and we love what we're working for.

Note: Phil Negal will be Racing in Las Vegas April 3,4 and 5 with "Wateress Car Wash" on his Car! This is another great way to get our business in front of the public!

Well Jack and Jeaneene are on their way to building a big business. Their attitude is right and their determination is unstoppable. We on the Executive Team and all of Distributor Services congratulate you on your new success and wish you happy trails on your journey.

DWG International™

How do we in DWG and our products stand out and what's our 'Compelling Sales Message' (CSM)?

Well for one thing our product is EXCLUSIVE to DWG.

There are NOT fifty-million other products that we have to compete with like in the nutritional industry.....

AND, people don't have to wait 30, 60, 90 days to see results like they do with a nutritional product .....the results are seen in 30 seconds...not to mention we don't have to convince people to TAKE a product, get healthy, eat right, and all that like you do in nutrition. I've been there done that for over 12 years, it gets old!!!!!

AND people are making immediate incomes with DWG. They are in business for themselves and they begin making money the very SAME day they sign up... just by demonstrating a product in 30 seconds.

That's our 'Compelling Sales Message' (CSM).

Read on...

Nugget: 'How to Stand Out from the Other Thirty Million People in Network Marketing'

One of the most powerful marketing tools in all of business is 'uniqueness.' It's a basic principle of any effective ad campaign -- how to stand out from the competition and get the message heard or read.

Most network marketers don't have a clue when it comes to presenting themselves as unique. Almost all network marketers (and I know you'll agree with me on this) do and say what everybody else is doing and saying. And most of them fail. So what separates you from others in network marketing? It's the products you carry. They are unique they're yours. No convincing required with these, simple share our impressive 30-second demonstration and let the salesman out of the bottle. You have a 'Compelling Sales Advantage' that makes growing your DWG business radically different than any other one you've been or any other one your friends have been in.

Hilton Johnson, in his book "The MLM Coach," did a wonderful job of explaining this in detail and in telling each of us how we can be uniquely different than any other networker. And to think, he didn't even consider what we already have... Dri Wash'n GUARD!

Become the Best You Can Be!

Sue Seward Texas Five-Star Director

Yesterday I was stopped by a lady who said she was chasing me all over town because she saw my magnetic signs on my car and her curiosity was peaked about the "Waterless Car Wash" advertised on them so when I pulled over to get some coffee she followed me. She said, "Finally you pulled over as I was flashing my lights and beeping my horn to get your attention". I told her that I was sorry, as I didn't even hear her. She asked, "What is a waterless car wash"? I proceeded to tell her about it and she wanted to know if there were any detailers in the area who could do her car as she was an older lady and wanted someone to do her car for her. So I contacted a detailer whom I had signed up to make arrangements for her to get her car done.

Then another lady who was with me in the car says to me, "I want to know about this waterless car wash also". I then explained to her about it and she immediately bought a PB10 can of product. She then wanted to have someone do her pickup truck for her so I contacted a couple of detailers that I had signed up a few days ago, a young couple, and had them come over to train them on how to detail a vehicle.

I set up a "Waterless Car Wash" sign while we were detailing her vehicle and four different people that wanted to set up appointments to have their vehicles done interrupted us. Then another guy stopped by and he wanted to do his tires and everything on his vehicle so I told him that he would need a detailers pack. He proceeded to give me a hundred dollar bill on the spot and purchased the detailers pack, which I have as a staple in my inventory. Then two other people stopped by and purchased the PB10's and another individual who stopped by in his RV followed them. He indicated that he wanted it detailed and would pay $350.00 to have it done! So now my new detailers have all these jobs lined up including the RV'er and are more excited than ever before. Then one of the people that stopped by wanted to know if he could make any money doing this, so I am having him come to the next meeting and show him the great opportunity that DWG International™ is making available to everyone.

Remember that none of this would have happened if I had not done the two things that are most important in this business. Keep a HIGH PROFILE and KEEP INVENTORY in stock. It's like the old adage says, "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door". Well let me tell you we have that "better mousetrap" in DWG International™ and they are certainly beating a path to my door!

What about you??

By David Hull, Director from Lake Arrowhead, CA

DWG International™

Wow! (With Out Water!) March is upon us! It seems like just yesterday we were wrapping Christmas presents, and celebrating New Years. Well, you know what time it is now, it is "Time to Shine."

I remember as a youthfully challenged person, my father would enter my room in the mornings, and gently say "come on son, it is time to rise and shine." Those words were repeated often to my children, and I suppose they will be a part of my grandchildren's mornings also.

Great lines are often perennial. They have their moment in time, and then are used to comemerate a holiday or event of our lives. Some great lines inspire, others excite, and still others motivate us.

"Let's Roll" is the unforgettable slogan attributed to Todd M. Beamer as he led the fatal assault on hi- jackers on 9-11, bringing down the plane that could have killed thousands of innocent people. "Let's Roll" will always remind us of those making the supreme sacrifice for freedom.

In World War II, when Brig. General Anthony McAuliffe and his men were completely surrounded at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, the German high command offered the US soldiers humane treatment if they surrendered. General McAuliffe did not think much of their offer, he uttered the famous reply, "...surrender?... nuts!" "Nuts" will always remind us of the brave people who never gave up, even when it was against all odds, and won!

When Napoleon was losing to Wellington at Waterloo, he reluctantly turned to his drummer, and said, "It is time, to beat the retreat on your drum sir." To which, the drummers replied, "General, I do not know a retreat cadence, I have never had to use it."

Well, in light of all these great and noble quips of history, (including my fathers '...rise and shine,') it is time for all of us in DWG International to plant the spring crop, so you and your group can have a great year. It is time to Shine! Shine what? Shine everything you can. Demo, demo, demo. The weather is breaking; spring is springing, and now is the time to turn it on!

Let's Roll, and Nuts to anyone who would tell us differently. We do not know how to beat a retreat, and we "...don't need no stinking badges!" (Humphrey Bogart, in the Lost Treasure of the Sierra Nevada's) We make a difference with our opportunity, with our products and with the water crisis that faces us. We make a difference in men and women's lives that need to make cash now, or build for their future. It's time to Shine! Let's get started with a good goal of three to ten demo's a day for the month of March. What a goal! Think of how great you will feel, and the results you will get with that plan. Start today! It is.......Time to Shine!


DWG International™

These are what we have found to be extremely effective in creating leads and consistent people to call on. There are hundreds of ways to Prospect...these are just a few to get you started and on your way. We will be adding many more in the future to Empower your Prospecting......

1) People who care about you.

A warm or Hot market is a great place to start...but ask yourself a question...who really cares about my success and future? Start there and ask for their help.

You will be surprised how emotions can be of benefit to you...If they do care about you, they will listen to you and try to help......

2) People you truly care about.

Who do you truly care about and want to see have a great life? Start there.

Your compassion and caring will come through and impact in a positive way.

People liked to be thought of, and this is a way to make that happen, and also to show your feelings towards their future and Life......

3) People who you know who care about the same things...

Who has a commonality with you in caring for the same things? Maybe in a club or church, or an have already established that you have something in common that matters to you both.....and your business would be a great way to expand that relationship......

4) Follow your Dollar.

Who do you do business with? Who do give money to on a regular basis...whether it is shopping or getting something repaired....or simply paying to have something done...Who did you buy your car from? Who sells you your clothing and groceries....follow your dollar...there is a gold mine their in contacts and potential sales.....they may be hesitant about joining you...but ask for referrals...they owe them to you.

5) The Goldmine on your desk.

Most folks have some form of a Rolodex on their desk, or in their planner....but most have a listing of who they have gathered cards from.....Most Business owners have a great Rolodex...but less than 10% of the cards produce revenues for them....turn your or their Rolodex into a goldmine that produces a secondary revenue source for them, by contacting the cards in the rolodex, and increase the value of their contacts.....

6) Referrals.

This business is not for everyone...but everyone knows someone who it is for..

Ask. And it really depends on how you ask, that determines the response......"Obviously this isn't for you....but if you were me...who would be the first 2 people you would call to share this with?....." ...and then call them.... "Hello Mary? My name is Doug...and I promised Tom I would give you a share an idea he thought you would enjoy......."

7) Business owners you know...or someone else knows them.

Business owners, especially small business owners are always looking for ways to increase value to their employees, and to increase the bottom line to their company. A lot of business owners have found Network Marketing to be a great secondary profit center for their business........and they all have associations they belong to....with other business owners......A good way to prospect them is to ask for their advice on Marketing.....and their help. Don't forget the Goldmine on their desk.

8) Stay at Home moms.

One of the fastest growing sectors in MLM is the stay at home mom....many women professionals are starting to leave their jobs and careers to spend time with their family...values seem to be changing, and with that comes a great opportunity to help them reclaim the income they lost......and they already have proven themselves in the workforce..

And over 70% of all networkers...are women......

9) Chamber of Commerce.

Every city has a Chamber...and most are all business minded....a goldmine for sales and referrals, and even some distributors.....join your chamber or at least attend some functions and get a listing of members......and here is a KILLER Secret...visit each one personally you are trying to recruit....establish a relationship and ask for their help.......and refer business to them.

10) Civic/Charitable organizations.

Join a Civic group to first make a difference in your city.....not just to network. And become known as a go getter and helper, and as you do these things, ask for people's referrals.....and maybe a time you could let them try your products.......but understand.....FIRST make a difference in the group, and then you will have a better chance of making a difference with them with your business...

KILLER Secret........

Become a Master Networker........get a book on Networking and how to do it......the secret is not who you know.......but WHO KNOWS YOU.......Networking is an art...and if you Master it, you will never run out of leads or folks who want to help you......Networking is about bringing value to others First...then let them bring value to you......